Tata nexon is doing the best sales for Tata motors. Tata sold more then 8 thousand units of nexon last year beating the Korean siblings which is a huge achievement for a Indian vehicle. But every vehicle is not perfect. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of Tata nexon. 


1. SAFETY- Tata nexon was the first made in India vehicle to score a perfect 5 star rating in global NCAP making it the safest vehicle in the segment. 

2. RIDE QUALITY- Tata nexon offer good ride quality and it is very stable at higher speeds. The suspension setup is pretty good, it does a great job in absorbing all the potholes. 

3. LOOKS- After the latest update given to Nexon by Tata. It looks way better as compare to pre facelift version of nexon. It looks sharp and bold. Every person have their own taste and preferences. Some love it and some hate it. 

4. FEATURES- Now, the nexon is not as loaded as the Korean siblings but it offers all the necessary features you need in a vehicle in this budget. A sunroof, digital instrument cluster,  cruise control and etc. it is pretty loaded. 


1. PETROL ENGINE- The facelift version of nexon’s petrol engines wasn’t really impressive but tata gave it a update with the facelift. It does produces 118 HP but it feels slow. The motors has a many blank points in terms of power delivery and the refinement of this engine is not the best. It kinda sounds like a diesel. This could be better .

2. AFTER SALES SERVICE- Tata has improved a lot in this past few years. But the after sales service of Tata is still not the best around. Not all the service centre’s are bad but most of them don’t offer very good service and people always complain about them. 

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