Hyundai Verna is one of the most popular sedans in Indian market from years now. Everyone loves the way Verna looks. It’s sporty and aggressive looking. But every cars has its pros and cons. Let’s take a looks at Verna’s pros and cons. 


1. LOOKS- There is no doubt that Verna looks really good. The design is loved by all and some customers get the Verna over rivals because of its looks. It’s aggressive and sporty. 

2. LOADED TO NECK- Hyundai gave the Verna tons of features like ventilated seats, sunroof, connected car tech, LED headlamps, digital instrument cluster , cruise control etc. it is loaded with features. 

3. CABIN QUALITY- Hyundai is famous for offering good quality material for good prices. The Verna’s cabin feels nice out together. The drive touch points are soft and fit/ finish is also very good. There are tons of hard plastic tho but it feels solid and long lasting. 


1. LIMITED REAR SPACE- when we talk about Sedans first thing comes in mind is comfort and space but unfortunately that’s not the case with the Hyundai Verna. Hyundai Verna don’t offer much space at rear. Customers do complain a lot about it and Hyundai haven’t done anything to improve it. Honda city and Maruti Suzuki ciaz  which rivals Verna offers much better space at rear. 

2. BRAKES-  This problem is not only with Verna but it is present on the 2019 I20 as well ( not sure about new I20). I own a 2019 I20 and I cab confirmed that the brakes on the i20 or the Verna don’t offers you the confidence while braking. I use to have 2 Verna’s in my family and both the vehicles had similar problem. The brakes feels spongy. Don’t offers much confidence under heavy breaking.

3. HEADLIGHTS- Although the Verna’s lights looks really nice but they are not the best for night driving. They do there job but they don’t offer much visibility in dark. 

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