Tata Harrier was launched in 2019. Everyone went crazy after seeing the Harrier’s design. It is absolutely stunning. Tata had some big expectations from Harrier. In the first year Tata sold decent response as Harrier used to miss out on some features. But in 2020 Tata motors gave it a update with all the features which wasn’t there in 2019 model. After that update Harrier sold in good numbers for the price.


Tata Harrier is powered by a 2.0L diesel engine which is sourced from Fiat. It produces 168BHP and 350 NM of torque. This engine is mated to a 6-speed manual and 6-speed torque converter gearbox. The engine is pretty good in terms of power. It is very fun to drive. This engines returns about 12KMPL to 14KMPL fuel economy which is decent for the size of the vehicle. Overall a very good engine. This engine also powers Jeep Compass and Mg Hector. COMFORT AND 


In terms of comfort Tata Harrier shines. It has loads of space inside the cabin. The seats are also really comfortable. 3 people at the back will be comfortable for longer journeys. Lets talk about the suspension, the suspension setup on the Harrier is a little stiff which you will feel on a really bad patch on low speeds but when it have the pace, it is absolutely smooth. The vehicle is very smooth and have a good high speed stability.  
I had so much fun driving the Harrier. It is really good. The engine is punchy and have a lot of power. You have different driving modes. ECO, CITY and SPORT. When you switch the modes you can feel that there is a difference between these three modes. In ECO mode the engine feels dull and performance also decreases, In city mode its decent and the most fun is the SPORT, it let you rev the engine to its limit. I have experienced both the gearbox’s and according to me manual is more fun. Automatic is convenient but it dulls the overall performance. You also get 14 ESP modes which also works well. The engine is pretty silent if you keep it under 2500 RPM. Above that it does makes noise. Other then that no complains. Driving this vehicle in city is little hard. The steering is heavy and it is a big vehicles. Driving this massive vehicle in crowded places can be stressful . One thing i can clearly say that Harrier’s platform( borrowed from Range Rover) is absolutely brilliant. The combination of this platform and steering is brilliant. The steering offers good feel and feedback and weighs up well in higher speed. The confidence you get while driving this vehicles is real amazing. PROS AND CONS OF TATA HARRIER :


1. SPACE :- Tata harrier offers greta amount of space and comfort. Its a proper 5-setaer vehicles. 3 people at the will be very comfortable for longer journeys.

2. ROAD PRESNECE :- You all will agree that Tata Harrier looks absolutely stunning in terms if design. It looks like a mini Range Rover.

3. FUN TO DRIVE :- Tata Harrier is a heavy vehicles but it stills really fun to drive and around the corners it is really impressive. The body roll is well contained surprisingly and the combination of that motor and steering is amazing.

1. INFOTAINMENT SYSTEM :- The infotainment system on the Harrier is good. Offers all the features like apple carpaly, android auto and connected car features as well but the system hangs a lot. A lot of customers have complained about it and Tata did gave it a update which did improve that problem but at this price point Tata motors should offer a better and bigger screen.

2. TATA AFTERSALES SERVICE :- Some dealerships of Tata don’t offer the best customer service. The service station are crowded and the quality of service isn’t really good. There are some showroom which are doing well but majority of dealers are sill bad. 

Tata Harrier is a great product overall starting from Rs-14.29L to Rs-20.83L for top trim. The prices according to me is genuine because if a seltos and creta can cost almost Rs-22L then Tata harrier has to be expensive as it is a upper segment vehicle. Tata Harrier offers everything you need and it is decently reliable as well ( information shared by owners). My experience with Tata Harrier was great and if i had a budget of Rs-25L i will definitely get a Tata Harrier with my eyes shut. It is better then Mg hector for sure ( sorry MG fanboys but its true). At the end lets give it the AUTOGRAM07 score. Tata Harrier scored a brilliant 8.5/10 which is a great score according to me. If you guys have a budget of Rs-25L and need a safe family vehicle, i highly recommend you the Tata Harrier.

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