Skoda just launched the Kushaq to rival Hyundai Creta, Kia seltos and Nissan Kicks. So, we thought let’s make a comparison about all four vehicle available in the market.
ENGINE- In terms of engine options, Korean siblings are ahead of the Kushaq and Kicks because these two are available with 2 petrol engines only where the Koreans also offers a Diesel engine which is in High demand. According to the Hyundai reports, 53% Creta sales come from Diesel engine only and Koreans also offers bunch of transmission options like the CVT, DCT, MANUAL,IMT which gives the customers a big range to choose from.
FEATURES- In terms of features as well the Koreans shine because they are loaded to the neck but Kushaq is not behind. Skoda Kushaq offers all the features you need like ventilated seats, wireless charger, a sunroof, connected car tech, 10 inch infotainment system and many more. It is also pretty loaded.
COMFORT AND SPACE- The Korean siblings are wider as compare to Kushaq because of which you can sit 3 people at the back without any problem but Kushaq has the longest wheel base in the segment which gives you very good space and rear seats. PRICES-
PRICES MENTIONED ARE ALL EX-SHOWROOM. FINAL VERDICT- Skoda Kushaq does offers great overall package but it is still behind from Koreans in some aspects like the servicing and service network. Other then that Skoda could have prices it a little more cheaper as compare to the Koreans but it will still give them a though competition in the segment.

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