1. SPACIOUS CABIN- MG Hector offers good amount of space inside the cabin which can easily hold 5 people and they will be comfortable for longer journeys. The cabin is wide and airy so you don’t feel claustrophobic at all.
2. RIDE QUALITY- MG Hector offers soft suspension setup because of which the ride quality is good. It just glides over the bumps and the high speed stability is also good.
3. FEATURES- MG Hector offers a ton of features for its price. Features like internet connectivity, voice commands, huge touch screen, a panoramic sunroof, smart wipe auto tailgate, ambient lighting with 9 colours, 360 degree parking camera and many more.
1. TOUCHSCREEN- Although you get a huge good looking touch screen which gives you access to everything like AC control and etc but it is not the best system to use. It is difficult to navigate and it lags a lot. If you want to turn on the AC you have to wait for the infotainment system to boot up which takes few minutes. MG should have improved it by this time.
2. NO DIESEL AUTOMATIC- Almost all the other vehicle in this price point offers a automatic transmission. But MG still haven’t have hector a automatic for Diesel engine. The demand for this particular combination is really good. They should definitely offer it.
3. REAR AC- Some owners told me during my research that the second row AC in Hector is not that effective. It feels like it’s not there. At this price point you need rear AC vents with good ventilation.

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