OVERVIEW- This is the ownership review of my 2019 Hyundai I20 Asta (O) diesel. I bought the in the starting of 2019. As of now I am satisfied with the vehicle but as a owner I have faced a lot of issues and this will be my last Hyundai vehicle. Here’s why.
ENGINE AND SUSPENSION- Last gen I20 use to come with a 1.4L turbocharged diesel engine which produces 89 BHP and 220 Nm of torque mated to a 6-speed manual transmission. The engine is a gem. It is good in terms of performance and returns a decent mileage of 16 to 19 KMPL on average. No complaints from the engine. The suspension setup on the other hand is on the stiffer side. It is good for most of part because you get good stability on high speeds and it feels nice to push around corners but on the lower speeds when you are on a bad patch of the road, you can feel a lot inside the cabin which makes the ride uncomfortable. My daily route us filled with deep potholes and bad roads so it get’s uncomfortable by jumping all around in the vehicle.
SERVICEING- The service cost, a lot of you guys ask about the service cost of I20 diesel and it is expensive. In last service i paid 16 thousand Indian rupees on a general service. My 2014 Toyota Innova’s service cost way less then this little thing which is crazy. PROS AND CONS-
PROS- 1. LOOKS- This gen I20 is the best looking i20 ever made. It looks nice and have a really good road presence. 2. FEATURES- I20 offers a lot of features for the price. All the features are useful and works well too. 3. THE DRIVABILITY- This I20 is very easy to drive in cities especially. The steering is light and it is easy to park in tight spots. The clutch paddle too is light. 4. INTERIOR QUALITY- The quality of interior is pretty good if you look at the prices of the vehicle. In 2019 it has the best looking interior which my family loved.
CONS- 1. HANDLING- Hyundai vehicles are infamous for their handling. The steering on this gen I20 doesn’t offer much feel and feedback and on the higher speeds as well it doesn’t offers you that confidence. 2. BRAKES- The stock brakes from the Hyundai are not the best. They do there job but you don’t get confident while heavy braking. I personally upgraded my brakes with BREMBO which are way better as compare to stock. 3. AC UNITS- The biggest problem in I20 is the AC. In terms of the cooling, it takes it’s own sweet time to chill the cabin and when you are in a bumper to bumper traffic, the AC unit don’t offer good cooling in lower settings. 4. HEADLIGHTS- The stock lights from Hyundai offered with I20 are not the best. They are weak and Hyundai should improve them because they still offers shit lights with their current line up. ISSUES I HAVE FACED WITH MY I20-
I as a owner got soo many issues related to the reliability in my I20 which did get covered in warranty. So let me present you the list- 1. 2 clutches, 1 got changed at 9k kilometre and other was replaced recently at 18K kilometre. It was not our mistake there was terms which Hyundai guys were using which i don’t remember. 2. RADIATOR HOUSING- Few weeks back the coolant from I20 started leaking and after getting checked we found out that it is caused by some blown up hoes coming from radiator which was again covered in warranty. 3. STARTER- Recently my I20 was not picking up the self ( IT HAS A PUSH BUTTON START) and i was stuck 80 KM away from my home. After that Hyundai Guy’s came and took the vehicle and replaced the starter for free. 4. THE DRIVER SIDE SHOCK ABSORBER- After 6 months of ownership a wired sound was coming from the driver side tyre and when i checked, i found out that the Shock Absorber is gone. Never took the vehicle through bad patches in higher speeds and Hyundai dealer agree to my point and replaced it for free as vehicle only covered 8k Km in first 6 months.
FINAL VERDICT- My experience with the I20 is good. As of now i am satisfied with my choice. I got the vehicle as a daily driver for my family and it is doing its job well. Just the issues which occurred made my experience a little dull and that’s the main reason that i said i am not going to buy any Hyundai vehicle in future. If you are looking for a second hand vehicle under a budget of 6.5L, definitely check out this gen I20. You can get one is good condition. At the end, let’s give it a AUTOGRAM07 score. I will give it a 7.5/10 according to my experience as of now. If you want to a full detail video about my ownership experience, then click the word I20 in the brackets and it will take you to our YOUTUBE channel. ( I20 )

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