Toyota launched the 2021 Fortuner facelift along with a Legender variant which is the most expensive Fortuner ever went on sale. Let me explain you the main differences between the two vehicles and should you buy the legendar variant by spending Rs-1.50L more?
MAIN DIFFERENCES- 1. DESIGN- The Fortuner legender get’s different body design as compare to the regular Fortuner. There is no huge difference between two. Only bumpers, alloys, headlamps and taillights are different but the legender does looks more aggressive as compare to regular Fortuner.
2. INTERIOR- In regular Fortuner you get a option for a all black interior or a dual tone interior with tan and back cabin. On the other hand, the legender get’s a black and maroon dual tone interior colours. The legender also gets black colour accents on the instrument cluster as compare to chrome in regular Fortuner.
3. FEATURES- The Fortuner legender get’s some additional features as compare to the regular fortuner like wireless charging, ambient light, USB port on rear, a kick sensor for boot opening and that’s it. One feature which the regular fortuner has is the 11-speaker JBL music system which Legender don’t get which is shocking.
4. PRICES AND DRIVE TYPE- The Toyota Fortuner Legender is priced at Rs-46.88L which costs Rs-1.28L more as compare to the regular Fortuner. One thing which is there on the regular fortuner and not on the legender is the 4X4. The most expensive Fortuner don’t get the 4X4. That is surprising. According to me you should just go with the regular Fortuner which makes more sense. Spending Rs-1.28L more for few features doesn’t make sense but if you can spend that money then it’s your personal choice.

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  1. But some features like sunroof are also going to be removed