OVERVIEW- Hyundai launched their Brand new SUV alcazar yesterday. Since then customers are showing good interest in the vehicle. The Alcazar also got 4000 bookings on the first day which is crazy. I got a chance to test drive one in my nearest Hyundai dealer and here what i think about it. Hyundai Alcazar is a feature rich vehicle. It offers a lot of features from the base variant it self which attracts a lot of customers. Alcazar’s interior looks good. They are very similar to creta. The space is also decent in first two rows but 3rd row lacks space. It is only comfortable for children. Not meant ot be for adults. All and all, the package is looking good.
ENGINES- Here’s comes the disappointing part, Hyundai Alcazar comes with two engine options. A 1.5L diesel which produces 113 BHP and 250 NM of torque and other one is a 2.0L naturally aspirated petrol engine which produces 151 BHP and 191 Nm of torque, Both the engines comes a manual and automatic options. I drove both the engines in automatic. Let’s talk about diesel first. The diesel engine is disappointing in terms of power. The engine is smooth and refined but the power delivery is not up to the point especially if we compare it with competition. Now the petrol, The performace from 2.0L petrol is more then enough but the biggest concern is the mileage. While taking the test drive i got 6 KMPL. maybe after the forst serice it hives around 10 to 11 KMPL on hoghways . Other then the engines i have no complaints. The vehicle is easy to drive and it is comfortable but when you compare it to Tata Safari and Mg hector plus. It doesn’t shine. The other two are way more comfortable.
THE FINAL VERDICT- Overall, Hyundai Alcazar is a decent product with loads of features and lack of performance. It is not a SUV, It feels like a MPV to drive. It doesn’t have that Suv level of confidene that Tata Safari offers. And the safety is still a big concern. We all known that seltos and creta don’t offer good safety and Alcazar is basically a creta. So, its still a question mark on this topic. Let’s give it a AUTOGRAM07 score. We will give the Hyundai Alcazar a 7.5/10. Alcazar is good product but it does not stands out of the segement except the features. So, of you are looking for spacious 7 seater SUV or MPV with good power and space, Alcazar is not for you. But if you want just features, then its on sale in your nearest Hyundai dealer.



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